Summer Cocktail: Calimocho

Making a calimocho in the backyard.

Oh, it has been HOT in Denver. Summer is definitely in full swing, which means it’s high time to break out the warm weather cocktails. A recent favorite of mine is the calimocho. I was first introduced to it at Gjelina in Venice Beach, but they’re so easy to make that they’re perfect for a picnic or backyard barbecue.


– Red Wine (I like to use garnacha; it has ripe, dark fruit flavors with just a hint of spice–and you can usually find a cheap bottle for around $6.)

– Coca-Cola (Personally, I prefer to use Mexican coke in the glass bottle, which you can typically find at a corner bodega.)

– Freshly sliced lime wedges

Pour equal parts of red wine and Coca-Cola over ice. (This ratio makes it equally easy to concoct a single drink or a whole pitcher.) Add a squeeze of lime. Enjoy.


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