Mild Obsessions: December

Old Fashioned Cocktail VariationSince I spent pretty much the entire month of December excessively imbibing, dining out and celebrating, it should come as no surprise that some (okay, all) of this month’s picks pertain to the pleasures of gluttony.

The Old Fashioned Variation
Served @ The Populist
Vida mezcal, rose water, agave syrup and rhubarb bitters (shown)
It looks so innocent, doesn’t it? You’d never guess that a modest sip of this clear, ice-cold concoction will roll through your mouth like a billow of smoke and roses, trailed by the lingering flavor of sultry leather. If I could rename this cocktail, I’d call it a Midnight Cowboy … it’s strapping, charismatic and leaves you fantasizing long after your last taste.

Los Chingones
They had me at pork stomach tacos. But that’s just me. This small Mexican restaurant in Ballpark could go unnoticed, except it’s one of the latest outposts by Troy Guard of TAG, which should bring some much-needed attention to that nondescript corner of soon-to-open eateries and shops. The menu has everything from exotic little street tacos to innovative Mexican-inspired cocktails. My favorite tacos so far: Chicken Leg (with achiote, cabbage, queso fresco and crispy chicken skin), Octopus (with cabbage, orange, crispy parsnip and pasilla chile) and Pork Stomach.

Zoku Ice Sphere Molds
After frequenting local cocktail havens like Colt & Gray, I’ve developed an appreciation for those single, oversized ice cubes the bartenders serve with their carefully crafted cocktails, but I haven’t been able to talk myself into buying an ice pick to recreate the effect at home. Hence, this set of silicone ice molds, which easily produces two perfect orbs for your drinking pleasure.


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